Frequently Asked Questions

What is Roadrunner Venture Studios?

We’re a factory for new deep tech ventures, co-founding breakthrough companies with our nation’s most brilliant scientists, engineers, and innovators.

What does Roadrunner Venture Studios do?

We get involved at the earliest possible moment — often when a company is just a whiteboard scribble or a breakthrough modeled in wire-frame. We roll our sleeves up, partner with co-founders, and rapidly accelerate company creation so that innovators can focus on their first customer.

What services does Roadrunner Venture Studios provide?
  • Support in fundraising from our network of capital partners;
  • Opportunities to work hand-in-hand with Roadrunner’s “gurus” in marketing, product development, and executive coaching. See “The Team” for more;
  • Business model development including customer discovery, product roadmapping, and product management and engineering support;
  • Legal services for company formation, IP protection, and fundraising;
  • Executive recruiting to find the experienced deep tech entrepreneurs, developers, and sales teams necessary to drive the idea forward;
  • HR support and infrastructure; and
  • Lab space, tools, and an office at our headquarters in downtown Albuquerque.
How’s Roadrunner Venture Studios different from other kinds of startup support?

Roadrunner Venture StudiosIncubatorAcceleratorVC/Investor
StageConceptMVP, LaunchLaunch, ScaleScale
ResourcesComprehensiveStructure, SpaceStructure, AdvisoryAdvisors + Board, Funding
Level of EngagementHighMediumMediumLow
Duration Until Launch (Approx 18 months)1-5 years3-4 monthsN/A

What is Roadrunner Venture Studio’s end-to-end process?

What is the relationship between Roadrunner Venture Studios and America’s Frontier Fund?

In 2022, our co-founders at America's Frontier Fund (AFF) envisioned an ambitious, national system of venture studios capable of catalyzing the American technological renaissance. With support from the New Mexico State Investment Council, AFF turned this vision into reality by co-launching our first studio in Albuquerque. Today, our team still partners with AFF to execute our mission. Roadrunner and AFF share ideas, relationships, and a common mission to strengthen American competitiveness and prosperity. Together, we are greater than the sum of our parts.

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